A Personal Injury Attorney Will Set the Records Straight

Many people just assume they were in the wrong when they have an automobile accident. They can’t remember if they had their signal on, or actually, who was at fault. If they speak to an insurance company while they’re still in shock, they may say the wrong thing at the wrong time. They should call an attorney for assistance immediately. People involved in automobile or other vehicular accidents may suffer from concussions or other head injuries leading to short term memory loss. They may have organ damage or broken bones. This is when hiring an attorney to help them set the records straight is vital.

Setting the Records Straight

It’s also vital for an injured person to rely on an attorney, simply because they’ll delve into all the details of the accident. They’ll obtain police and ambulance reports, along with hospital, doctors, lab work, and other health facility records. They’ll receive details from police regarding speed, measurements and skid marks on the road. Even if a person can’t remember every detail about the accident, there are other professionals who will work to bring them to light.

Finding an Attorney

It’s very probable that many people don’t even know an attorney to hire. The Internet is a great source that helps people searching for one. They can click on their state, county and then their town to find a credible and highly recommended lawyer close to them. They can also read Craig Swapp reviews and see what others are saying about the service they received.

Attorney Charges

When an attorney is hired to represent a person suffering from a personal injury, whether car accident, medical malpractice or another negligence, they don’t charge a fee up front. What they do is take their payment out of the settlement they obtain for their client. This is called working on a contingency fee basis. Attorneys know that their client never expected to be involved in an accident, therefore most have no savings or other monies to pay a lawyer.

Talking to Insurance Companies

Once an attorney takes on a client’s case they will express to them that they shouldn’t talk to an insurance company, or accept a payment of any kind. It’s up to the attorney to talk with the insurance company and obtain the highest amount of compensation for their client.