Canadian Geese Can Be Messy

There is a local company that deals with Canada geese control in New Jersey. It sounds like of funny that there is a company that deals with geese and keeps them off property, but the truth is that they can be a real problem. They poop a lot, and when they do their business, it goes all over the property and it could actually be messy and make people sick. It is never a good idea for people to be around a large amount of feces from any type of animal, even if it is just a bird like a goose. They travel around in large groups together, especially when they migrate north and south in the fall and the spring. It is not uncommon to see a lot of them together when they are traveling. If you look the next time you see them, you will notice that they usually travel together in a V formation while they are flying overhead.

There are many city properties that use this type of service to keep their parks neat and clean. We have to use a company with this type of service in our town at the duck pond. Of course, it is very natural to have ducks in your duckpond, but when the geese come we notice that the waste all over the grass is much more. It can pose a problem to the elderly or even very young children when they are exposed to this type of waste around the park. I wanted to make sure that it was okay with my doctor that my son, who has asthma, went to the park while there was so much waste there. He told me not to bother going because the saw the amount of waste at the park and did not want us to take a chance.