My Uncle Frank Has Passed Away

I have been really busy this week, my uncle died really suddenly about thirteen days back. He left a really messy estate of which I am the sole beneficiary, but in fact the amount of money I will walk away with does not look as though it shall be worth the effort to be honest. There is going to be something left over, but for example I have been looking at buying monuments in Newark NJ right now and you would not believe how much that costs. Obviously I could really shortchange all of the arrangements. From what I can tell there are not going to be a lot of mourners, since Uncle Frank was a real loner. In fact he has lots of other relatives, but he was really difficult to get on with and he was estranged from every other relative. Of course there is a real wild card in this. The man was something of a hoarder and some of the things he collected should have value.

If you go out on the web you can find some site that will tell you what something should be worth on the open market, but that is not the way that it really works. The truth is that you can only get what some other person is willing to pay. If you have a priceless painting by some master artist, then you are going to find that there are lots of millionaires and billionaires willing to put a huge price upon it, mostly because they believe it is a good place to park their money. This is not like that, but there are some things which would be easy to sell. In particular there are several old guitars. Uncle Frank was a professional musician when he was young and these are valuable.