Neighbor’s Tree Flattens Our Fence

Spring winds usually bring down some branches. Nothing major in the history of our yard and trees. That is until this year, and it was not even spring yet. It was still winter with March winds coming in fast and furious. It wasn’t even our tree. A neighbor’s tree had the top blown off, and it sailed over and landed partially in our yard with the rest of it smashing our fence. I called a company that does Nassau County tree pruning to come out and remove the big section of tree that blew down, and I asked them to go ahead and cut any other threatening branches with my nieghbor’s permission. I knew he did not have the money to get the work done, but I wanted our property and house better protected from nearby trees.

After the tree was taken off of our fence, I was surprised at how the weight of it mangled the chain link. It crushed it straight down, and the top rail had several sections of bent pipe. It pulled the corner pipe inward, and bent more uprights. The cost to fix it was almost as much as the whole fence cost when we put it in several years ago. The insurance deductible was just around the cost of the repairs, so it was not even worth turning in the claim to risk the annual premiums going up. It was windy out, but not one of those scary windstorms where you feel like your house is going to blow away.

Trees are beautiful, especially when they are filled with green leaves in the summer or the bright reds and oranges of fall. I like the shade the trees provide on the west side of our house. It is much cooler in the shadow of those trees on a hot summer day. However, when they get too tall and are a risk to the house, they need to be trimmed. If our neighbor would have kept that tree cut back when it was smaller, it would not have smashed our fence.